Near to Ker Ysel

From Ker Ysel, Finistère, Morbihan are within easy reach (less than an hour from Gulf of Morbihan)

carte Golfe du Morbihangolfe-morbihan

Doëlan, Merrien, Brigneau, typical ports, about 20 mn.

doelanPort MerrienMoelan sur mer - Brigneau Photo parc KER YSEL 115

Pouldu beaches 20mn (12 km).

Plage du Pouldu

Quimper with its cathedral, historic center, quays of Odet river 36 mn —

Quimper - Cathédrale

Concarneau, town of art and history 28 mn —


Pont Aven, its museum, painters and galleries 16 mn —


Le Faouët, its famous churches Saint Fiacre and Sainte Barbe à 27 mn

Le FaouetSaint FiacreSainte Barbe

Lorient, its shopping centers, its Interceltic Festival (beginning of august) 20 mn (ferries to Ile de Groix)


Vannes, its historic center, its cathedral  50 mn —


Ker Ysel is less than an hour from the Gulf of Morbihan


Ker Ysel at beginning of 20th century (collection Mortain), in the 60’s and nowadays.

Sandy beaches for safe swimming, indoor swimming pool, canoe/kayak on river or sea, sub aqua, horse riding, cycling, tennis, golf, archery, miles of coastal path with superb views of coast…